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29 March 2009 @ 11:40 am
Wow! I already wrote chapter 2! I doubt 3 will come as quickly... but at least I know what I'll do with it <3

If there are spelling/grammatical mistakes, feel free to let me know!

Pairing: AkameRyoPi. Yep, all four.

Disclaimer: I do not own them. I... I... want to though. Like most of us. At least I own my dreams XD


After 8 unending hours of choreographed dance and staged vacation, no one had the energy to do much but collapse in their assigned hotel rooms. Yamapi and Ryo were no where to be seen by the time Jin made it to 315, and Kame was already sound asleep, painfully innocent and adorable. Jin couldn’t stop staring at the slow but steady heaving of his chest, the silky, perfectly conditioned locks that framed his face, and those lips…

Before he knew it, he was sitting on the bed next to former partner in love, comedy and crime, the “kame” in akame…

And his tongue was tasting those soft, sweet lips.


“Cut the crap. Like Pi said, Johnny’s not here right now.”


“That’s better. I can’t… I can’t take it anymore, Kame. I want you. I always have. I tried so hard… SO HARD… to stop. But I just can’t anymore. I’m sick of lying to myself.”

“why… why didn’t you tell me? Do you know how scared I was? I thought you didn’t like me anymore! I thought you hated me! I… I…” Kame’s words were terminated by Jin’s hungry lips.

“Shh… let’s enjoy this while we can.”


Ryo rises suddenly, gasping for breath.

“what’s wrong? This used to be nothing for you.”

“yeah, before you decided to work out every friggin’ chance you get! What are you trying to do, break me?”

“But I thought you liked your men buff…”

I said that because of you, dumbass.”


Jin’s long fingers caress the plastic buttons, nimbly and efficiently removing the smaller man’s shirt at the blink of an eye.

“woah~ I’m not used to seeing such muscle on my skinny little best friend there…” He licks his lips. “Not complaining though.”

Jin slides his warm hand down the front of Kamenashi’s jeans massaging the younger man’s package with skilled, eager fingers. “What do you have to say to this?” he asks, with a huge grin plastered on his beautiful face.

Kame sniggers. “What if I said ‘DON’T YOU EVER STOP’.?

“I’d say, ‘hehe Hell yeah.’”

Waking up at 6:30 proved near impossible for the group, especially considering how sore Kame and Ryo were.  Akanishi and Yamapi were annoyingly chipper, though, both bursting with the desire to tell someone of their amazing night, but too wary of the resulting consequence to succumb.  Practice began slowly and awkwardly, Pi’s enthusiasm and encouragement more than appreciated.

And then came Jin’s Solo. A self-written English rap, complete with a sexy grind and an irresistible fluidity that left Kame dumbfounded. No one missed it.

YamaPi slyly sneaks behind Kame and whispers. “I knew it. Well, was he good?”

Too shocked to be angry, Kame’s retort was pathetic, “What the hell…”

“There’s no use in denying it.” Ryo smirks. “It’s not like we’d tell.”

“It’s not like you’re in the place to, either.” Jin laughs. “It’s not often Ryo has difficulty walking.”

“I’m… going to kill you…”

“If you can get over here.” Jin snickers loudly at his joke. Kame couldn’t help but join in.

“Looks like we all have some talking to do.”  Pi says, almost too loudly.
29 March 2009 @ 10:29 am
Pairings: Akame, RyoPi, Ryo/Kame, AkaRyo, AkaPi, PiKame, AkameRyoPi
DISCLAIMER: Unfortunatly, I do not own them. *sigh*

Chapter 1- Weeek!

The polls were in, the votes were counted, and only the four involved were surprised at the outcome. What Johnny’s fans wanted most was a special, temporary unit comprised of the two most popular members of both news and KAT-TUN. Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya, Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo were sent off to spend a week in Hawaii, where the four were to shoot 3 inevitably hit PVs for 3 inevitably hit singles, and feign a fun and innocent vacation.

None of them could think of anything harder to accomplish.
Sharing a room with Jin, huh? Kame wasn’t sure how he felt. It’s not as if things were like they used to be… The boundary of what was “safe”, what was “ok” was muddled. It used to be so natural. Listening to his heart, not thinking, not analyzing or judging when he was with his best friend… it was so easy. And then came the rumors. The stares the other Jimmushou bore into their skulls. The whispers, the giggles, and eventually, the warning from Johnny himself. There was a limit to friendliness in showbiz. Most of your market worth was your sex appeal, and anything you did to jeopardize this was your instant end. So things became awkward. They tried to keep their distance, but they knew eachother’s loneliness,  the longing, the looming, crushing sense of incompleteness. And Jin began to change.  He got sexier by the year, enslaving women with a simple gaze. He left Kame for America without much of a warning, and no goodbye. The shorter man feared his friend no longer needed him, no longer cared for him. Out of both frustration and a hurt pride, he played along too. And now, Johnny schedules them together in the same room. In Hawaii. The anxiety was too much.


Tall, smooth and relaxed, the sex idol throws open the door to room 315 and collapses on his respective bed. Kame looks up from magazine, and nods in acknowledgement.

“3 hours before filming, huh… they sure know how to give us both too much and not enough free time, huh?” Akanishi Jin continues.

Kame tried hard to avert his gaze. He will not –can not- be sucked into those eyes again.  “I know what you mean. Enough time to get wet, shower, and get ready again, but not enough time to swim. Enough time to see a move but not enough time to get to the theater and back. I’ve come to wonder if he just likes fucking with us.”

“I’ve known that he does for a long time.”

Shock. Kame lifts his eyes to meet those of KAT-TUN’s A, and is instantly entranced but the heavy suffering that exutes from them. He couldn’t mean….

Thoughts were interrupted by the sudden thrust of the door.

“Ji~n~~ come on! Let’s go swimming!! Let’s go let’s go!” Yamashita Tomohisa, tall, buff and yet adorably bright-eyed, surveys the room. “Why don’t you come too Shuuji-kun! Maybe you’ll see some of the shrimp you love so much <3”

“Pi, are you forgetting we’re filming in three hours?” Akanishi replies, slightly annoyed and very amused.

“If we are late, were late. It’s not like they can start without us.”

“Point taken.”

“Well, Shuuji, you coming?” Pi asks, wide-eyed and incredibly rabbit-like.
“Um, well, I think I should say here. My hair takes forever to style after all…”

“Please please please!! Ryo’s coming too! And he begged me to bring you too!”

Nishikido ryo, dark haired, lean and sexy, barges into room 315 with a face as red as Marylyn Monroe’s painted lips.  “I… said… NOTHING… like that.”

“Oh don’t be shy~~~ How come no one is honest anymore?” YamaPi’s eyes shift between Kame and Akanishi. “Especially you two. EVERYONE knows you are DYING to get into eachother’s pants. You can’t EVEN lie about it.”

“What?” Is that true? Kame wonders. He’s not sure whether to be more shocked about the fact that he’s so obvious, or that Jin possibly wants him too.

“Johnny’s not here right now. It’s just us. Things should be how they used to be. The four of us. Anywhere and everywhere. Together. Always. That’s how things should be, that’s how they are meant to be.”

“Pi…” Akanishi is speechless.

Sigh “oh well. At least I have two weeks to beat some sense into you. For now, let’s go swimming.”

No one argues.
16 March 2009 @ 12:28 pm
What was your favorite movie when you were a kid? Is it still your favorite now that you're older?
The Lion King, and No. There is still some nostalgic respect for it, but my need to be enticed by some insaine unfathomable twist and/or premise over rides that respect.
05 February 2009 @ 05:49 pm
Which of the seven deadly sins—sloth, greed, lust, gluttony, anger, envy, and pride—are you most likely to commit?
Probably Envy. I feel like all of the other ones are controlable to some extent. Envy can be denied, but it still exists.
21 January 2007 @ 06:46 am

Daisuki!! Miyachama